HO Chicago "Lake Street" Elevated Railway Structure - "Starter Kit"

Chicago "Lake Street" Elevated HO Scale 2 track Railway Structure - "Starter Kit" with 4 support columns.

Start off your "L" structure with one of these and add multiple "Extension" kits to increase your overall elevated structure.

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Product Description

This HO scale 2 Track Elevated Railway structure represents the famous downtown Chicago Lake St. "Loop" area.

Its unique support columns and extended width main beams carry the elevated girder structure along Lake Street with a "wide stance".

This "Starter Kit" has 4 support columns and 2 end beams, making it "freestanding".  "Extension kits" will connect to the end beams allowing you to lengthen the overall structure.

The model measures 9 3/8" long by 9" wide across the support columns, by 4 3/8" high to the top of the ties.  The support columns can be trimmed down to lower the overall height of your Elevated Structure.

The width of the 2 Track tie section is also 4 3/8" and intended to accept hand-laid rail. Optionally our tie strips could be replaced with flextrack of your choice.

Easily paintable - light coats of solvent or water based paints allow the etched detail to show through ... or use pigment /chalk / pastel powders to colour the steelwork.

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