HO Scale Albany Crown Towers - ITLA
HO Scale Albany Crown Towers - ITLA
HO Scale Albany Crown Towers - ITLA
HO Scale Albany Crown Towers - ITLA
HO Scale Albany Crown Towers - ITLA

HO Scale Albany Crown Towers

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Albany Crown Towers reaches 14 stories to its upper cornice mouldings, includes 13 ITLA fire escapes & access ladders, our ITLA 8" Radio Tower and Roof Staircase Exit kits.

The Grand Daddy of our tall downtown city structure kits.  


Even Rod Steward used two of these ITLA kits on his Grand Street & Three Rivers Railroad.


(Pilot model pictured ... production model includes more detail than shown!)

Intended to represent a concrete structure, 216 sets of separate window Sills and Stone Headers provided which allow for contrasting colour application without masking the walls.  First floor walls include laser etched block parting lines (not shown in these pilot model photos).

216 fixed pane Laser Cut Window Frames plus 8 optional Ventilation Inserts which press fit into the wall openings.  Window openings on all 4 walls make this a stunning structure!

4 Laser Cut Raised Letter Sets "ALBANY CROWN TOWERS" install on the 14th floor cornice ledges.

Lengths of "Dentil Molding" are provided which allow you to add even more character to this already impressive structure (not shown in these pilot model photos).

3 "Cornice Ledge" sets are included with decorative support brackets. These can be positioned on the building as you wish.

13 Fire Escape sets and connecting ladders allow you to have a full side wall with this impressive detail.  (Purchase more on our "Detail Parts" page).

The model measures out to approx. 7"L x 7"W x 21"T to the upper cornice...the radio antenna adds another 8" in height.

Note: Some modellers choose to open this building up and use all 4 walls to generate a huge wall flat...approx. 28"L x 21"T. Even more ambitious modellers have created monstrous skyscrapers with this kit...see Frank Varga's photos in our Photo Gallery.


Please note, at this time the "Call to Order" designation is due to the fact these are custom run kits and take some time to prepare.
There is no specific box or box art for this kit.
Due to its impressive size and weight, we carefully package it in a shipping box with its colour instruction set.