Comments and photos from our valued clients.


Building Kits

"I'm finishing up my first of these kits (Olympia Tool & Die Co.). They are really well designed and produced. Very easy to assemble into a sturdy detailed kit. As a tip, I used Winsor & Newton Promarker Paint Pens rather than acrylics. They also were very easy to use."

Structural Parts

"Hi Renée & Nick,

I was so happy with the items that I purchased from you and how they came together so easily in order to construct the (passenger train station) shed. Not only was everything easy to work with, but the detail is incredible in all of the laser etched parts. I had a lot of fun building the shed for the Central Station portion of the layout.

The beautiful part about all of your products is how utterly unique they are in the world of model railroading. You just don't find beautiful archways and detailed girders like yours anywhere else, and I can't say enough great things about your company and the level of customer service that you provided in our many email conversations.
I included some pictures of the shed as well (see our Photo Gallery section). I'm currently working in this area and will be sure to include some completed shots of everything once I have everything in place."

Best Regards"

Chris Plue



Gondola Floors

"I must say adding the wood floor to the Rapido gondola made them even more exceptional!! Thanks for making those!


Martin D.



HO4150 Allstate "3 in 1" Factory Kit

“Excellent kit concept and design. I am really enjoying doing this one.”  

(Ebay customer)


"The engineering on this kit was perfect - all of the locating tabs were spot on and fit snugly. Enjoy!

This is a great kit! The kit makes a unique and detailed model that will be right at home on in any era or as a museum piece. Very well engineered and easy to build!"



"This building is now one of my main focal points on my layout, the ease of construcation is by far the best I have ever seen over the 40 plus years I have been in this hobby .Since building this I have bought several more kits and can't wait to get them finished. Keep up the fine work and thank you and your crew on the Super Fine Kits."

Ron Pullano, River Junction Pass Railway, Niagara Falls, Ontario


"This is a well executed structure kit. The quality of the materials and laser cutting is outstanding.

"Main materials used are thin plywood for details and for the walls thicker panels that appear to be a wood composition material (MDF) that is very dimensionally stable. Everything fit together as it was supposed to, which is no small feat considering the narrow tolerances in some parts of the kit. 

Especially impressive are the windows, which use easily the best design I have seen for making good looking windows out of wood. The windows build up out of multiple small pieces that layer together and fit neatly in the openings. Because all the windows come on a single very thin sheet of plywood, you can paint them a trim color and install glazing before you cut them out, which makes these often tedious tasks pretty easy and efficient. Then you just cut out the window parts, press them into the openings layer by layer, and add a little glue. If you are careful you can actually make windows that go up and down with this system.

Another nice touch is the way the corners join- the wall pieces interlock nicely at a 90 degree angle that gives a kind of rusticated brick detail on both walls.

Overall this builds into a very nice looking brick structure that would fit just about any era. The footprint is wider than it is deep, which makes the building especially useful where it needs to fit up against a background. The entire main door unit is also a nice design with features that go beyond the outer columns and pediment; a number of pieces are glued together to make a complex inner door structure that adds significant character to the facade.

I would recommend this kit to anyone who likes building structures with actual wood. While I guess it is technically a 'craftsman' type kit, it is not particularly difficult to build. It would be pretty easy to modify in lots of ways due to the flexibility of the basic design. Well worth the money!"

Eric L - 1871



Double Track Starter -N scale - Chicago "L"


"I am an experienced structure builder and kitbasher but this is my first laser cut wood kit. I am using the basic kit, 3 extensions, 2 station kits and 2 stairways. At first I thought it was a bit ambitious for my first project but once I got into it, I am pleased with the results. I am contemplating adding a few more extensions.




N scale "T" curve kit

Beyond Awesome!

Once you get the system of building down the only thing to slow you down is the wood glue setting!

Coming back for more!




Double Track N scale Extension kit, N scale 90 Curve kit, Super Kit L System N scale

1st rate kits, once you get the hang of them they go together in a hurry, the only thing slowing you down is the wood glue!

Created a rectangle 45" x 80" with 6 super kits and uncovered platform extensions, Looks AWESOME!




Four track starter kit

"Unique features and realistic. nice experience putting the model together.  makes you want to keep extending your layout more and more."




Radio tower

"What a unique and wonderful detail! I found this easy to build, working very slowly and applying wood glue with a syringe. Be careful to align the sides evenly at the beginning and throughout, as it is easy to create a twist in the tower when it nears the top. The 6-part round finial looks difficult, but I had no problems whatsoever with it!"




4 Track starter - N scale

"Just awesome!  The Chicago "L" arrived neatly packed, boxed and bubble wrapped.  All that is required is an X-acto knife, 45 deg. angle to square it up and glue.  It's very strong and will hold 4 rolls of quarters easily. (I had to test it!)"