HO/N - 90 Degree Curved Structure Kit - ITLA
HO/N - 90 Degree Curved Structure Kit - ITLA
HO/N - 90 Degree Curved Structure Kit - ITLA

HO/N - 90 Degree Curved Structure Kit

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2 Track Deluxe 90 Degree Curved Structure Kit in either N or HO scales. Add onto Starter kit or Extension kits to provide a solid curved section of Elevated Railway Structure.  NOTE: As an accessory structure, we assume that you have already built, and are familiar with how our standard Elevated Structure sections are assembled.

Special-cut 90 degree curved tie sections are ready for your hand-spiked or glued down rail supported by full elevated structural components.

Approximate N track radii ... inner track = 6", outer track = 7.5"

N scale dimensions are 7.5"L x 7.5"W x 2.75"T with 2.1" underside clearance (curved walkways included).

Approximate HO track radii ... inner track = 10", outer track = 12"

HO scale dimensions are 13" long x 13" wide, 5.25"T with 4.1" underside clearance.

This product is designed to mate with our 2 track "Chicago-style" and 2 track "New York-style" elevated structure kits (Some slight height "shimming" may be required based upon your previous choice of Elevated Structure style ... contact us with any questions).

Constructed of quality MDF and micro plywoods, the resulting structural section is capable of supporting your heaviest models and is easily coloured with either "rattle can" spray paints, water / solvent based paints or dry pigment powders. Note that N scale ties are cut from basswood, HO ties from our standard MDF material.

(note that some minor height shimming of the structures may be required between kits to allow for build variation)

Please see our "Paint" section for ideas and colouring methods.