Build our Elevated Railway Structures

Elevated Explained...

Our Elevated Railway Structure products are intended to represent Chicago and New York Elevated system specifications, however they can represent any prototype you choose. 
"Chicago style L"  kits incorporate open web truss components in 2 track widths. 
"New York style L" kits include solid plate girder components in 2 and 3 track widths. (see product photos for clarity).
"STARTER" kits come with 4 support columns and 2 main end beams - used to start off your Elevated Railway System (approx. 9.5" long in HO, and 5" long in N scale).
"EXTENSION" kits come with 2 support columns and 1 main end beam - used to add onto the Starter kit and additional Extension kits (approx. 9.5" long in HO, and 5" long in N scale).).
The kits include our wood tie strips, walkways, etc. and are intended for hand-laid rail of your choice.  Rail can be spiked to our ties (you just pre-drill the spike holes), or super glued.  
Commercial flex track of your choice can be used on top of our basic elevated structure with or without our wood tie strips.
(Sorry, flex track and rail are not included in our kits)


A unique Chicago & North Shore train can be represented by the HO Scale Concor Electroliner model ... it's prototype shown below.

Also, please see Island Model Works, manufacturer of N, HO & O scale commuter & subway models HERE.  



Web Trusses and Girders - Layered Assembly...



Connecting girders to main end beams and additional elevated sections ...


How we make a curve with the "straight" Elevated sections ... pictures are worth 1000's of words.  Please contact us with any questions.

To curve the elevated section, start with one beam girder and use its full length as the outside radius of your curve.  Create a template of your inner curved radius or draw a line on your table to establish where to cut and size the middle and inside beam girders to fit your curve.  Attach the main beam girder and support legs accordingly. (Please note that the following photos show the "Gen0" design level with a Web Truss/Girder Beam overlap onto the Main Cross Beam).

The "Gen2.0" design level web trusses & girder beams which we now sell contain a notch which fits into the Main Cross Beam, enabling a flush surface across all parts).

Measure and trim the Web Truss/Girder Beam length as described, but file in the required notch to enable them to fit into the webbing of the Main Cross Girder.

Finally, cut out every other tab along one side of our wood tie strips, you will be able to gently introduce a curve into the strip which can be glued and clamped in place on top of the elevated structure.  Note that we offer a pre-cut 90 degree curved tie section in a 2 track width (approx. 12" radius).

If you purchased an Extension kit, lay the tie strips at the half way mark of the starter section and overlap onto the next Elevated section.  Continue in this manner with each Extension kit giving added strength to the Elevated System.