"Reinforced Concrete" Industrial Wall Modules

Influenced by the industrial factory designs of famed architect Albert Kahn, these "Reinforced Concrete" Modular Wall Kits can be assembled into any size or shaped complex served by rail and truck. 

Thousands of these types of structures have been built across North America and are still in use today.

Select the N or HO scale Wall Module types which appeal to you and leverage our ITLA tab-n-slot wall joints to build your structure.


     Features include ...

  • Fine scale window frames with "positionable" sashes & pre-cut glazing
  • "Broken" window pane filler panels in each frame (can be removed)
  • Separate, interchangeable components in each wall panel allow for no-mask painting & the ability to customize window / brick insert placement
  • Wall frames can be section cut & "stacked" to produce additional wall height (add or even remove stories)
  • Friction-fit components enable quick mock-ups of building shapes
  • Combine wall modules to create a "flat" , "fully walled", or any structure footprint or height in between ... the choice is yours!