Customer Photos

 David Ross - ITLA Scale Models - Custom Builder

Dave is our custom builder & painter and is a driving force behind us in bringing realistic product to the market.  His modelling skills, imagination and eye for colour are evident across the ITLA website pages.  For years Dave has modelled in the traditional plastic & plaster mediums we are all familiar with, but has become our biggest advocate in spreading the word about our ITLA Scale Models wood products. Through the photos below Dave demonstrates how subtle washes of colour most realistically represent masonry on our wood medium. See our "How To" section for tips on how to colour our product.




Steve Juranics (aka "Muskoka Steve")

Steve creatively used two of our ITLA HO "3 in 1" Factory Kits in creating this unique multi-story industrial structure for his Muskoka Central layout. He demonstrates the flexibility of the ITLA products in creating your own unique structures. Steve trimed off the lower door section of one kit and butt joined the resulting wall sections to the top of the other kit. He added our ITLA Fire Escape kit, made his own "concrete" loading dock, and added some other commercial detail parts to finish off his unique model.

Steve describes the kit contents, offers assembly and paint techniques which can be used on any of our products in his video available under our "How To" tab.   See Muskoka Steve's YouTube channel for more of his great modelling.




Karl Fasolino - Olympia Tool & Die Co. kit built as his custom ACE Millwork & Cabinets

Karl has again demonstrated the flexibility and realism possible with ITLA Scale Model's product.  He built our Olympia kit and expanded the use of other detail parts to create this truly beautiful building. Karl painted the model using Mission Models Acrylic Paints. He weathered it using Pan Pastels, Mig Ammo Pigments, Mig Ammo Washes and Weathering Effects products. HE then added variety of custom printed 3D parts, laser cut parts, resin and plastic details. Finally he installed his custom made/printed signs.  Beautiful job Karl!





Karl Fasolino - D.V. Ross Building kit

 Karl has demonstrated the flexibility and realism possible with ITLA Scale Model's product.  He built our D.V. Ross kit and expanded the use of other detail parts to create this truly beautiful building set in its intended industrial surroundings with the Walthers tank & piping kit.   Karl painted the model using airbrushed Vallejo Air paint #71.084 Fire Red.  It is kind of a brick colour, but typically needs to be toned down.  He then lightly painted a few bricks and used pan pastels on the worn / flaking brick areas.



Karl Fasolino - Cooper's Alley Industrial Kit - the Brewery building kitbashed into PEP Boys Automotive Parts

Karl has done a fantastic job taking our ITLA kit and applying his imagination, use of colours, additional detail parts, and some amazing forced perspective photo backdrops inside the loading dock area.   He incorporated many custom 3D-printed and commercial parts to complete this incredible build.





Frank Varga - HO scale Albany Crown Towers - Freelance build incorporating multiple copies of the kit

Frank has completed an incredible, monsterous and highly detailed downtown skyscraper model he's named the "EQUITABLE BUILDING".  It is collossal to say the least, combining over 6 copies of our 14 story Albany Crown Towers building and stacking them them to reach a staggering 28 stories!  The photos speak for themselves, Frank has done an outstanding job "imagineering", pushing the modelling boundaries & demonstrating what can be accomplished with ITLA Scale Models products...Imagine That! 





Ron Pullano - HO118 Grimsby Station, HO Interlocking Tower, HO Erie Crossing Tower 

Ron provided significant support to us during the development of our HO#118 Grimsby Station product.  We would not have such a unique model on the market today if it weren't for his modelling skills and dedication.  



Ron also used our ITLA modular wall sections to produce this huge backdrop factory, and also built our Interlocking Tower & Erie Crossing Tower kits superbly as shown below.




Dennis Murphy - N scale Elevated "Superkit"

Dennis is an accomplished and frequently published modeller. He has incorporated our N3517 Elevated Superkit into a fantastic city-scape on the module pictured below. He used dry pigment powders to colour the structure beautifully, and did a superb job assembling the kit.  Dennis was also recognized for his efforts with the publication of an article covering this product build in the March/April 2016 copy of N Scale Magazine



Dennis also produces his own YouTube modelling videos, one of which we've featured on our home page.  Please visit his YouTube Channel and other videos ... for example his "3 in 1" Factory kit build part 2 ...


Chris Plue -  Central Station Train Shed

Chris used our ITLA "steel" components from our Elevated Structure line to fabricate his own downtown Central Station passenger train shed.  Chris' fine modelling was featured recently in Canadian Railway Modeller Magazine.

Our laser etched and cut components allow you to "imagineer" your own unique structures. 

Chris P's Central Station Train Shed         Chris P's structural steel train shed


David Geyra - Custom Model Builder - N Scale Elevated

David incorporated four sections of our N scale New York style Deluxe Elevated structure on a client's city scape module.  He also incorporated a neat squaring ficture on his workbench to keep the entire structure laser-straight during assembly.