Elevated Railway Structure ...the "L"

Our Elevated Railway Structure kits are intended to represent Chicago and New York Elevated system specifications, however they can represent any prototype you choose. "Chicago style" kits incorporate open web truss components in 2 track widths.   "New York style" kits include solid plate girder components in 2 and 3 track widths.

These kits are manufactured in durable LASER CUT WOOD components

These kits include tie strips, walkways, etc. and are intended for hand-laid rail. However, flex track can be laid on top of the tie strips, or on top of the Elevated structure itself.

(See our "Assemble / Elevated Railway Structure" tab above for more details).

A unique Chicago & North Shore train can be represented by the HO Scale Concor Electroliner model ... it's prototype shown to the right.

Also note that our Elevated kits can be used for standard railway bridges and viaducts over roadways too.

Also see Dennis Murphy's video highlighting the module build pictured below. His techniques apply to all our Elevated Railway Structures ... in any scale!


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