What Adhesives to Use

Adhesives we use on our products...

There are a variety of adhesives on the market that work well with our product...here are our suggestions based on our modelling experience...

WELDBOND - universal adhesive for wood, tile, glass and styrofiam - a non toxic, clear drying, flexible bond glue which tacks fast and sets up in 24 hours. Made in Canada under the trade name "Weldbond".  We use this for all our major structure joints.  Modellers have also successfully used "white carpenters glue" of any source, so long as it dries clear.  We (and other modellers) do not recommend "yellow wood glue".

FORMULA 500 CANOPY GLUE - from Pacer Technologies (available in the USA) -  a clear, fast drying adhesive from the model airplane world for use in adhering clear plastic parts - caution "mild irritant", use per manufacterer's recommendations.  We use this for our window glass installations where a specific sized frame mounted piece of glass is desired (double-hung windows).

LePage ULTRA GEL - "ACC" Super glue we use for may of our small part assemblies.  The Gel format provides setting time to adjust your part positions, bonds well with our wood.  Any Gel type super glue will work.

Walthers GOO - a tried and true all purpose adhesive for those challenging joints where some flexibility is required.  

As pictured, an additional variety of glues from Woodland Scenics to Craft Store adhesives ...



Please contact us with any specific questions you may have.