Brick Wall Panel Kits

For the "kitbasher" who wants to expand their ITLA structure, or create something truly unique.

Modular "3D" laser etched brick & stone wall kits in MDF wood. Additional "carving" is easily accomplished with an Xacto or chisel blade.  

Foundation sections can be removed with a razor saw to enable wall "stacking".

We offer these as "Modular Kits" since we include our quality cut Windows, Doors, Pilaster and multi layered Cornice parts. Each of these wall panels will connect to each other using our ITLA "Tab & Slot" system.

Shop for our HO Scale Wall Panel kits below ... (other scales to follow soon!)


Here's a sample of what can be done ... the blue lines denote wall panel joints...Dave Ross created a wedge-shaped structure by joining our Brick Wall Panels to fit a specific space. He added a layer of torn paper over our etched brick to represent flaking plaster, and he also used parts of our Roof Top Details& HVAC kits.