Comments and photos from our valued clients.

 Rolling Stock and Details:

"The empty auto frame cradle & deck kit is one of a kind. I was looking to scratch build these frames, but ITLA saved me the trouble. It's seriously a fun build, boasting great results."
-William Sampson
YouTuber - Soo the Milwaukee Road
photo and models by William Sampson

 Structure kits and Details:

"Nick, thank you for cutting the wall pieces and the excellent assistance.  Not only are your models amazing, but your attention to our request exceeds our imagination.  We can't wait to start building and look forward to sharing the finished (Allstate) factory with you."


"Well made. Easy-to-follow instructions. Look amazing when completed"

"I have built a number of your kits and am amazed at the amount of engineering you put in each. Kits go together with no problem. Just ordered the crossing gate tower, Please keep me your list.
Thanks Bob"


"I purchased a bunch of Walthers buildings but after building one, realized I hate building plastic models!  The rest are still sitting in their boxes with no desire by me to even open them.   Thanks for supporting this wonderful hobby."                                                                              Al Sohl MMR


"I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your kits.  I have completed two of your 3 in 1 Allstate kits and have them integrated into my layout.  One was constructed as a low relief backdrop and the other was configured into an “L” shaped foreground structure. The versatility and modularity are excellent attributes of the kits.  I have also constructed the Olympia Tool and York Industry Kits.  I am planning another totally uniquely shaped version of the Allstate building configured to fit another odd shaped space on my layout.  The modularity of your kits solved this perplexing problem for me.  

Although I am fairly comfortable with an airbrush from my military modeling days, I followed your suggestions and used rattle can paint from the local box stores and your techniques looked amazingly good!  I am impressed how well your wood walls took the paint.  
One of the universal problems with modeling brick walls has been what to do about mortar.  The crisp laser representation of the brick work on your walls and the depth of relief makes doing mortar easy and predictable.  I have used both the suggested plaster and acrylic wash techniques with good results.  
Thank you for offering such great kits to the model railroading community, I recommend them highly!  Keep up the great work." 
                                                                               Richard Morgan

"I was so happy with the items that I purchased from you and how they came together so easily. Not only was everything easy to work with, but the detail is incredible in all of the laser etched parts. The beautiful part about all of your products is how utterly unique they are in the world of model railroading. You just don't find beautiful archways and detailed girders like yours anywhere else, and I can't say enough great things about your company and the level of customer service that you provided in our many email conversations."       Chris Plue


 "My first ITLA order arrived today so it's safe to say my calendar for this coming weekend is "totally full and booked up." No household projects, no honey-do list, no business work, no calls to return, no emails to compose, etc. I'm going to bolt my doors and dive in. I think I've found the company that will be feeding my addiction for the rest of 2019 and beyond."   Peter Levos


 Website Poll Responses:

"Well made. Easy-to-follow instructions. Look amazing when completed."

"I like the modular approach so I can mix and match to "bash" my buildings together. I'm planning on using (ITLA) on my upcoming layout."

"GREAT stuff ... you do have very reasonable prices I must add!"

"I appreciate the quality and thought that goes into your products. The Elevated is beautiful."

"Excellent kit concept and design. I am really enjoying doing this one.”