"Configurable" Wall Systems - "Reinforced Concrete" Panels

Our N and HO scale "Reinforced Concrete" Wall Module kits are designed to enable you to build any size or shaped industrial structure to fit your space.

Each product line's wall panel has a standard width dimension, and specifically spaced dove-tail joints, which allow you to connect them both horizontally & vertically.

The following "Diagram Legends" help you visualize our standard wall component widths.  

N scale wall modules are 1.5" Wide by 5" Tall (2 panels per kit). 
The exception is the N3057 Filler Panel set which includes two 1.5" &  four 0.75" Wide walls (6 panels per kit).
HO scale wall modules are 3" Wide by 9" Tall. 
The exception is the HO4057 Filler Panel set which includes one 3" & two 1.5" Wide walls (3 panels per kit).
The Filler Panel sets are intended to represent a "concrete wall" & provide for side relief or rear wall closure. They come with Pilaster trim also.
Understanding the above dimensional legends, you can reference some of our suggested basic building shapes below, but we know you will create something more unique once you consider the possibilities.
Let's look at some N scale footprints  ... (HO scale is further below) ...
Shallow Relief #1 ... 3 Wall Kits (Pairs)
Shallow Relief #2 ... 3 Wall Kits (Pairs)
Shallow Relief #3 ... 4 Wall Kits (Pairs)
Fully Walled with N3060 Dock Assembly Kit ... 4 Wall Kits (Pairs) plus the Dock Assembly
HO Scale footprint examples ...
Shallow Relief #1 ... 5 Wall kits
Shallow Relief #2 ... 5 Wall kits
Shallow Relief #3 ... 8 Wall kits
Full Walled Rectangular with notch ... 8 or 10 Wall panel kits
Angular application ... 8 Wall Kits (added 5th story)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us. We'd be happy to help you select the wall panels to create your unique structure.