O / On30 Scale - "Concrete" Loading Dock Wall Set - ITLA
O / On30 Scale - "Concrete" Loading Dock Wall Set - ITLA

O / On30 Scale - "Concrete" Loading Dock Wall Set

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Modular "Concrete" Loading Dock Wall Set in wood.

3 wall panels – 2 @ 2.9”w x 6”h + 1 @ 5.75”w x 6”h ... totals 11.12" in wall length

Position the 2.9"w (~3") walls at 90 degrees to the Loading Dock wall face if you choose.

"3D" Laser engraved and cut from 1/8" MDF and 1/32" Birch Plywood ... solid construction with no bracing required.  Easy to paint with basic "rattle can" sprays or hand applied acrylics. See our "How to" articles under the website "Paint" menu.

Easily trimmed with a razor/Zona saw (i.e. wall height can be reduced).

2 "Trim-to-Position" Double Hung Windows with Pre-cut Glazing. 

Dock Door measures 2.2"w by 1.77"h ... scales out to 8.75ft wide by 7ft high.

Dock "floor" height measures approx. 1.168" ... scales out to 56" high.

(connects with our other ITLA O scale kit wall systems & Olympia Tool & Die Kit)

Cut Stone Foundation, Weathered Brick etching, Pilasters & Cornice system.

Components install into the wall panel per the standard ITLA process.

Individual 2-piece Wood Panel Dock Doors install in an open or closed position.  

Engraved stone Pilasters with trim-to-fit Cornice and Coping.

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Add on our Dock Interior kit for $19.99 (check box above)