Backdrop Walls

Here's a great example on my home layout where an unrealistic corner was transformed into something much more visually appealing.

I've been staring at this corner of my layout for years, and finally had the time, focus and product solution to put in place.

After a little measurement and sketching, I used our ITLA Reinforced Concrete Industrial Wall Modules to create some backdrop wall sections that dropped in place and covered the blank wall.

I built all of this "flat" on my workbench, super-detailed the building face with our ITLA wall details, added lighting and put it in place.  I love the visual transition this provided ... that industrial, "concrete canyon" effect that I was looking for.

ITLA Backdrop Wall example using our laser cut wood Reinforced Concrete Industrial Wall Module kits.  Backdrop building kits in laser cut wood.

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  • Larry Mac Donald

    Great job hiding the corner and very nice buildings . Thank You for making O scale walls available . Like the building on the right with the big multy pane windows and blank wall sections . Wondering if the is on the horison in O scale .

  • John Sacerdote

    Always a huge fan and have some of your buildings flats on my layout….AND, there are a lot of “Amherst Stations” out there (produced by ITLA)!!!!

  • james hill

    looks great, lot of detail

  • Boxcar Willy

    Great Looking Back Drop. I think I mite just incorporate this idea on my Buzzard Butte RR. Thanks.

  • Chris CArfaro

    Beautiful work

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